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Hi, I would like to create an engineering approval authorities register in something like sharepoint list, and was wondering if someone could provide me with a few pointers on how to get started.

It would allow users to enter a document name for approval, and then automatically show the corresponding entry of who is currently listed as someone with delegated approval authority.

It would also allow a workflow for a panel to approve additional delegated approvers to be added to the list. Also, you should be able to add metatags to each approval item, such as names of artefacts or documents.


Search box 

Enter Document name for approval


Engineering discipline / asset class

Description / metatags

Name of person with delegated authority

Delegation approval status (via workflow with multiple approvers)

Approval restrictions (if any)









I haven't come across anything online that does this, so would be keen to see if someone has developed anything like that using Sharepoint lists and power automate.






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@samtylee you could probably do this with Power Apps.


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Thanks are there any examples of how this might be implemented?