Embedded Yammer feed showing Yammer Login button in IE11

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I've searched the internet to find a solution to this, with no luck. I copied the embed code on my enterprise Yammer group, and used a Script Editor web part to add it to my SharePoint page. This used to work, in fact there was already a Yammer feed there, I just wanted to change it to a different group. In IE11, all I see is a Yammer logo and big blue Login button. It works fine in Chrome. Does anyone know why I can't get this to work in IE11? I want to see the feed, not the Login button, which doesn't appear to work, I never have the opportunity to login!

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Did you add the necessary URLs to the IE Trusted Sites zone?

Internet Explorer (all versions) may need to have Yammer URLs configured in the IE Trusted Sites zone.
In Internet Explorer security settings, add .yammer.com and .assets-yammer.com to the Trusted Sites zone.


Taken from the requirements for Yammer Embed over here: https://developer.yammer.com/docs/requirements

That didn't work either... I even tried clearing out my cache in IE. It works PERFECTLY in Chrome, so I guess this is another case of a Microsoft product not working with another Microsoft product.

One more thing to try - also add these URLs to the Trusted Site Zone:



In addition to those your own system should be in there as well.

Empty cache, etc. and try again.

Adding https://login.microsoftonline.com to the IE Trusted Sites worked - thank you!

Thanks. That worked for me.

Hello Allison,


I added https://login.microsoftonline.com  to IE 11 trusted zone and still once close the session and re-open, I find the Login button. 

do you have any other ideas?