Embed Company's LinkedIn Feeds into Sharepoint Online 2019 Modern Page

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I am a new to SharePoint. Currently I am working on a project which require to embed company LinkedIn feeds into SharePoint. So far, I only found a solution: Embed LinkedIn Content. What I really wanted is something like this FB Plugin webpart : Anyone knows if there is any available LinkedIn feed webpart provided out there or any idea I can achieve this goal in my project? Appreaciate a lot.

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@GanJS120  I also have this question. It looks like you can only embed post-by-post, which let's be frank, is not gonna happen. Our people do not have time to to that, and that's not the behavior of the Twitter SharePoint webpart and not the behavior of the Facebook iframe. Why should LinkedIn be the only different one? The only other option is not to have LinkedIn feed content appear on the SharePoint site at all. 

@GanJS120 @KD10018
Same problem here. Have anyone of you found a webpart that works?