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It is an interesting question one must pose if the development of content rich media can be married within the development an Office365 environment using easily obtainable software which can be independently purchased, and then worked into a business environment designed to serve our advancing needs for more bandwidth and gigabyte needs in our daily work and private needs can be served by partnering somehow with diverse platforms which supply the coding needs for the new storage opportunities presnting themselves on the various Company clouds.  How to make it work and pay for itself while being simple to use and understand for the average user who is not a coding expert is the real question.  Techwriters, klike my friend Stefan Fielding Issacs who worked with Bill Gates back in the early 80's at Microsoft when it first got going always had a lot of thinking and problem solving to do to get the right answers that translated into customer satisfaction.  Everything needs to work on a MAC as we all know.



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