Edit Page broken in latest Chrome update?

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So over the past day or two, I've noticed that I am virtually unable to edit pages in Chrome, in particular pages that have Script Editor Webparts, but I've seen some other issues on other edit pages as well.


Once I go into edit page mode, it quickly kicks over to this error.2017-04-01 09_04_40-sharepoint error.png


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Mmm...strange, Chrome is the browser I use to manage one of my tenants and I have not seen this problem

I do work in a number of tenants and have not seen that behavior before. What are the scripts doing? Curious have you tried moving your scripts to HTML files and reference them using a Content Editor Webpart? That's generally how I add any client side code vs the script editor webparts. It allows me to quickly make changes without having to to through the additional overhead of editing a page, editing the webpart, adding updated code to script editor, save the page, checking in the page, publishing the page, refreshing the page, then cursing when my change hasn't fixed the problem. :)