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Is it possible for me to edit or customize SharePoint modern pages.
If yes, how can I do it or any tutorials that I can learn from ?

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Modern site customization options are detailed in the articles found here:


Customizing modern pages specifically is described here:


Hope this helps!

Hi Peter,


Thanks for the prompt response.

Yes the information you have provided does help


I also want to find out about how I can Brand the Modern site or page, with custom CSS, change background-colors, menu styles, font-family styles, add images and background images etc

The link describe the branding options for classic sites. Modern site cannot (yet) be branded as asked by Cyro. The only option you have at the moment is to apply a custom theme. This will give you the option to have custom colours. This is described here:


And here: 


You could use SPFx extensions in order to create custom menus or other customisations. This can be found here: 


Adding a custom css is not a default option at the moment. If you want to really brand your site in a custom way, the classic sites with publishing option is the way to go. I would encourage you to look into the Modern sites though, because that's the future.

Hi Robert,


Thanks for the response as well.

I am already looking into SPFx, I am new to SharePoint especially on the Development side, the resources are quite helpful.