Downloaded Document in CRX site shows blank content

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I am working with CRX which I sent a document to CRX for a collaboration with a person outside.

We are using a Sharepoint server along with our other servers application. Once our application inits a document to be sent out for a collaboration, the document will be copied to the CRX site.


The CRX site will then be sent to our colleagues. From there, they can view, edit and comment onto the document. When everyone finishes, the document will be transferred back to our application. Then, the CRX site will be closed, users can still access the site for a certain time but cannot see the document.


In my case at the moment, here is what the document in CRX site looks like:



Check its version history




However, when I tried to open in Word or download the document, it shows blank completely. There is no content inside. 

I made another copy from this document and test with another collaboration site, it works normally. For this document, I re-initiated 2 times, the issue is still there.


Here is what I found on my docbase log:


[DocumentWorkSpaceSpxWebPart] An error occurred trying to add the SPX Web Part to the CRX Site. This may be due to CRX residing on a separate SharePoint server than SPX. This is a valid configuration and this message can be ignored. Error was: Cannot import the SPX Web Part.


If you might have any input, I appreciate your help.


Thank in advance!

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Uy Tran

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