Does SP 2016 on-premises still require PowerShell script to be run prior to async SC creation?


I've built O365 Async provisioning jobs before, but I am now trying to do the same on-premises.


I am basing part of my solution off of the PnP/Samples/Provisioning.OnPrem.Async sample code here.  The GitHub sample code documentation indicates that all steps in this blog should be followed prior to implementation.


@Vesa Juvonen, does the PowerShell script mentioned in that blog still need to be run prior to SharePoint 2016 on-premises implementation?  Does the "admin" site collection still need to be designated as such?  Or is this just a one-off for SharePoint 2013 farms with the April CU?

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It's been a while since tested this in on-premises, but that was indeed still a requirement with RTM... so would assume that you'll need to do the manual steps also now with SharePoint 2016. It's not a huge setup to perform, but I understand that it's inconvenient. 

Thanks Vesa! Not a problem at all, just need to make sure that I have all my ducks in a row for development. I do have a couple other questions that I will post separately so that they are available to the community.

@Vesa Juvonen, I did confirm that this is still the case on-premises in SharePoint 2016.  However, in following the instructions in the blog, I ran the PowerShell script as directed, but still receive the following error:

{"Cannot find stub for type with id \"{268004ae-ef6b-4e9b-8425-127220d84719}\". The specified server may not support APIs used in this operation."}

This error appears consistent with the error others received before running the PowerShell script; that is to say, the assembly is still not being loaded.  


I tried updating the script to use version 16.0.5806.1205 of the Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.Client.Tenant.dll assembly (this is now the version included with the PowerShell for SharePoint Online package), but to no avail.  I also double-checked that the site collection is in fact set as a TenantAdministration site.


Any pointers?  I'm concerned that I am missing a prerequisite somewhere.  Could this same error also be thrown if the client context is not properly created?

@Vesa Juvonen, apologies for being so persistent, but wanted to check to see if you had any comment on this.  Everything I'm reading indicates that I need to install version 15 of the Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.Client.Tenant assembly; is this still a necessity, and would NOT having that assembly installed cause this error?


If so, how do I obtain the 15 version?  The link in the blogs only provides the latest version, which is 16.x.x.x

Sorry for small delay on this. Here's a PnP-Tools script for enabling site collection creation with CSOM for SP2013 or SP2016. Reame should have sufficient information for you around the needed setup for SP2016.



I'll also write a quick blog post around this script, so that we get it more visible around the same blogs as the setup for SP2013. 

Here's the quick additional introduction on how to create site collections with CSOM in SharePoint 2016 environment.