Does Set-PnPFileCheckedIn.cs support folders ?

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I have a document which is two folders deep in a document library. When I try and use Set-PnPFileCheckedIn with a Url like "/Documents/Incorporation/Objections/incorporation objection.docx" I get an error " Set-PnPFileCheckedIn : Server relative urls must start with SPWeb.ServerRelativeUrl"  if I add in -Web /sites/board/archives I get the same error.  If I change the -Web parameter to be sites/board/archives I get the error message  "Set-PnPFileCheckedIn : File Not Found."


Anybody any ideas ?





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Try with a Url like:


"/sites/board/archives/Documents/Incorporation/Objections/incorporation objection.docx"


It's a server relative url that is needed to all except the bit


Hi @Pieter Veenstra


I tried that - it came back with :-



cmdlet Set-PnPFileCheckedIn at command pipeline position 1
Supply values for the following parameters:
(Type !? for Help.)
Url: /sites/board/archives/Documents/Incorporation/Objections/incorporation objection.docx
Set-PnPFileCheckedIn : File Not Found.







Hi @Nigel Price,


In my dev site /sites/dev


in the documetn library I created folder1 in there I created folder 2 and then I created document.docx


I manully checked out the document.


And then I  tried this:


Connect-PnPOnline -Url -Credentials $cred

Set-PnPFileCheckedIn -Url "/sites/dev/Shared Documents/folder1/folder2/Document.docx"


Are you checking in and out as the same user?



Hi @Pieter Veenstra


Can you try with a space in the folder name ?


I have a suspicion that is the problem.





and / or the filename

Just tested it and I am getting the same issue