Display new tab when add new item to checklist

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Recently we have old SharePoint 2010 migrated to SharePoint Online.  Of the 3 checklist items we have, only 1 would open in a new tab when we click to add new item to checklist.  The other 2 checklists would open in a modular tab on the side.  How can I change it so it would open in a new tab when we click to add new item in the checklist.  Please help.


Thank you,

Julie N

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Hi Julie


Are you you using the modern or classic view?


If classic, you can go to list settings -> Advanced -> Launch forms in dialogue to yes ->


If modern, this should open on the right side of the page.


Hope that helps

Hello NotAlex,


I don't know if it's modern or classic view.  Is there a way to check?


The list settings on all checklists are the same (yes is selected).  I'm very puzzling why only 1 checklist open in a new tab while the other 2 open on the right side of the page when add new item in checklist.


Thank you for all your help.


Julie N.