Display Groups (favorite / joined / visited) in SharePoint Modern web part

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In a Modern SharePoint site we want to display Groups related to the user. When I open Outlook on the Web I see favorite, joined and visited groups, can (some of) these group categories be displayed in SharePoint Online Modern pages also in an SPFx web part?


I've seen a lot of example regarding Office Group, Microsoft Graph and SPFx web parts, but haven't seen any examples regarding Groups listed in a SharePoint Web Part. So being able to prove it for a POC I'm looking for a simple example that lists groups. Can someone put me in the direction e.g. how to display a simple list of Groups I Joined or my Favorite Groups?


Example of Groups displayed in Outlook on the Web:

Groups in Outlook on the Web.png

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I think the WebPart you are looking for simply does not exist. You can find a good overview of available sample WebParts here: https://veenstra.me.uk/2017/07/18/office-365-spfx-samples-a-complete-overview/ and one of the sample WebParts is a good example of how you can "query" the Graph to display information around current user: https://github.com/SharePoint/sp-dev-fx-webparts/tree/master/samples/react-officegraph