Display a field from a List in the header of the flow launcher.

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I want to display a field Text1 in the header of the flow launcher.
I tried to add this filed in actionParams -> headerText but failed.
Could you help me please, how can I display content from this field?

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@Pavel48n0sh yes this is possible but Microsoft have changed the way the headerText works. Previously you could have a lot of characters and the text would wrap. But that has been changed to a maximum of 30 characters after which you get ...


  "$schema": "https://developer.microsoft.com/json-schemas/sp/v2/column-formatting.schema.json",
  "elmType": "button",
  "txtContent": "Change Created By to name of page contact",
  "customRowAction": {
    "action": "executeFlow",
    "actionParams": "='{\"id\":\"50097cde-b800-4c6c-ade9-95be7574f4e5\", \"headerText\":\" ' + [$Title] + '\",\"runFlowButtonText\":\"Go\"}'"
  "style": {
    "background-color": "#cf000f",
    "color": "white",
    "border-radius": "10px"




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