Disable login page while checking rights for another site collection in SPFx

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


is there a way how I can disable login page while checking rights of current user for another site collection in SPFx?


In SharePoint Framework I use following import statement:


import { PermissionKind, Web } from '@pnp/sp';

In the method I write following code:


let web = new Web(webUrl);

const perms = await web.currentUserHasPermissions(PermissionKind.ViewListItems);


When current user has rights for the site, then I receive true.
When not, then I receive after 15 times trying to login the error message: ERR_TOO_MANY_RETRIES
I would like to get false in this case without the login page appearing.
Is there a way how I can disable the popup of the login page for a while?


Thank you very much for help.

Ladislav Stupak


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