Disable Hub Site theme inheritance

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Hi Everyone,


Is there a way to disable the hub site theme inheritance? I tried to create a site design to apply with an alternative these but after a few minutes the hub site theme was re-applied.


Any ideas?



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I want to say that they discussed that this functionality was coming at ignite, but not in just yet. I can't find any way to do it currently.

Hi @Chris Webb ,


I'd like to pick this discussion up again. Is there yet a way to break the design inheritance?

Right now I have multiple hub sites for all the big areas within our company, but they don't share the same hub site navigation. I'd like to them share the same navigation but keep their own design/colors.

@Ivan Unger I have gotten it to stick if you use the classic design theme and not the modern theme.  Go to Site Settings >> Change the Look and use those.

Anyone know if there are news on this topic?