Did the team site template (STS#0) changed just now?!?

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Hi All,


Since a few weeks we have been provisioning a lot of team sites (about 1.000) so far.

Al went well, but as of today we started to experience problems.


After some digging, I found out that some features are no longer automatically activated after the team site collection is created?!

Because some features are not activated anymore by default, apps are by default missing in the site contents (for example the promoted links).


While in the past the site features mentioned below were automatically activated, on new site collections as of today, they are by default not activated

- Access App

- Following Content

- Team Collaboration Lists

- Workflow Task Content Type


Is anyone else experiencing this? Or is only our tenant impacted?!



Also see screenshots for comparison. Left side is as of today, right side is past.


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Hi @Thomas Gielissen,

I'm not sure when this changed but I just created a new team site collection and I'm sseing the same as you. Site collections created a month back still had these features enabled by default.


I had a look within the Message Center and I couldn't find anything refering to this change.

I created a new collection today and the Features you list are all Active.

Oh my, the behaviour is so strange...
In the meanwhile Ive seen team site collections created, and right after the site is provisioned, the features are not active.

Ive just created another new team site collection and the features are active again by default.

Ive also just re-checked the sites which were earlier created and did NOT had the features active after the site was created. Guess what, on all sites they are active now without me touching them.

At first I couldnt believe my own eyes, but I have screenshots attached above, which clearly indicate the features not being active.

So the only thing to conclude is that MS has some kind of back ground jobs / syncs running which will update created site collections?!?

Quite hard to handle if the sites are being provisioned from code.... which is the case here.

Thanks for all feedback so far!