Develop future safe forms

Niclas Carlsson
Occasional Contributor



We have a customer that is migrating their Notes applications to SharePoint Online. Some of the Notes form are quite large and we initially thought of using Nintex Forms (the customer has a license) but I'm not satisfied with the load time for large and complex forms in Nintex. 


Another idea that we have is to make custom forms ourselves in Angular like in this post for having more control ourselves and give the end user a more smooth experience. My only concern is how to make this future proof as sooner or later we have to switch over to the new list experience and we have no knowledge whatsoever how we can customize the new type of forms (not thinking of Powerapps). 


What is the general opinons on this? Would you go for building custom forms with modern techniques like Angular or do you think that is it better to wait for more information from Microsoft?



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