Design pattern for updating a list item in the future

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I have a requirement to update items in a sharepoint list, but the item should only be updated and the new values for columns visible at some defined time in the future time. Something like the go-live date on a page. For example, a price list that has updates that will be live as of a certain date. Has anybody implemented such a design pattern that works and scales well ? If necessary I can use power automate. I'm just looking for some best practices and a generic pattern that can be used for multiple scenarios.


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@StephaneBouillon For modern list, you can use the Field Customizer extension to play with the data as per the need. Using this extension, you can hide/show the column data based off the certain date in the column.


Please see the reference - 

Thanks for the reference. This allows to change the UI when viewing the list using a browser. My need is for the data itself to be updated in a delayed fashion.

do your data entry into ListA - do your data presentation from ListB i.e. get user to enter data into ListA - have a power automate flow that then delays until your predefined time, then creates the item in ListB
Thanks for your time and effort, is this something you have implemented ? The tricky part for me is determining the schedule for the power automate to not make it too narrow or too wide.

Hi @StephaneBouillon,


So, I've worked with a requirement similar to yours, and this was my solution. It is basically a demonstration of what Gristy said:


First, you create a list "Target", with all the columns you need. Then, you create a second list, let's call it "ToMigrate" and insert all the columns that you want to update in the "Target" list, plus an additional column, "DateOfMigration", of DateTime type, and a "TargetItem" column, which should be a lookup column to the "Target" list referencing the target item.

Then, you create a Power Automate flow, attached to the "ToMigrate" list.

The flow steps are

  1. When an item is created, then select the "ToMigrate" list.
  2. Delay until, then select the "DateOfMigration" column of the created item.
  3. Update item, select the "TargetItem/Id" column of the created item in the ID parameter, and then fill the other columns that you want to update as well.

That should do it. Let me know if you have any problem or question.

Thanks Carlos for your time and effort sharing your approach, this really helps.