Deployment of add-ins is inconsistently longer.

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We have Office365 tenant with E3 plan created in US region and we are using PNP for creating site collection and provisioning branding + customizations. We verified step by step and found that in the part where we deploy Add-Ins ( As suggested here ),  we get varied and inconsistent results as given below.




Add-Ins Deployment Time Span

3:00 PM

4:30 AM


3:30 PM

5:00 AM


3:53 PM

5:23 AM


5:48 PM

7:18 AM



All other parts except add-in deployment step is consistent. Now, our customer wants us to optimize the overall time it takes to provision a site and hence we are trying to find ways to optimize the add-in deployment step.


We are trying the following steps to see if we can optimize the add-in installation.

1) app-stapling so that we can remove the side loading of add-ins completely.


Please suggest if there are any other best practices to improve the Add-ins deployment time?


Any help will be highly appreciated !


Note : We have tried installing Add-Ins with SPMeta2 tool that takes longer than PNP and therefore we have dropped that idea.

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