Deploy the SharePoint Framework HelloWorld package to app catalog

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I am following the labs for SPFX available here


I am trying to upload my app (web part) to the App Catalog.

After upoading the .spapp package, I am not getting the the popup "Do you trust....?"

Since its not trusted, I cant see it in the list of apps which I can add to my site collection.


What am I missing here? Is there any way to force SharePoint to trust the package or bring up the screen?


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I used my existing O365 Test tenant which is a first release customer. If I uploaded the Workbench file to the document library as mentioned in the lab, it worked. It also shows other web parts apart from the one I created. Does it not qualify as Developer Tenant? Is there a way to check if the bits have been deployed to my tenant?


It won't work in old environements, only way you have to test it using a dev tenant. 

Create a new dev tenant and verify