Deploy sharepoint framework parts to specific site collection

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Is there are a way to deploy SharePoint framework web parts/extensions to a specific site collection within an online tenant?

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from my limited reading (and I am only new to framework) it seems like you currently have just two deployment options. 1. the new 'entire tenant' which bypasses the necessity to install the app to a site and adds the app automatically everywhere in the tenant. 2. 'app' installation which leverages the earlier app facilities so you deploy to a site and then the app appears in the app list for the site and then as site admin you have to install the app to the specific site. please anyone who knows better, do feel free to correct me if I have misunderstood...

You're right from what I can tell so far, I have a case open with Microsoft to confirm

You're correct, so by not choosing the tenant-wide deployment option and installing the app in your site instead, you would make your web parts available only in that particular Site Collection. At this moment there is no option to deploy the .sppkg file to a specific site directly, without using the global App Catalog, so the approach described above is your only option.

@Waldek is right... however, it is on their roadmap to create a site collection scoped app catalog. No ETA on that... maybe news at Ignite later in September!