Delve - Organization chart missing

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Hi All,


I'm facing some issue with the built in org chart that comes with Delve, it doesn't show at all.

I've made sure that the user has an assigned manager, both in Azure Ad and in the Sharepoint profile. Still missing.


Any ideas?



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It could take a while before it shows up. how long ago did you add the roles?

I would say about 4 hours

It should start working with no problems as long as you have properly updated the managed property....have you verify in the SPO User Profiles that the manager is set up correctly?

Hi Juan,


Thanks for your reply. 


As i checked now, the org chart is visible. 


I guess there is 12-24 hour delay before it updates. Lesson learned...




Juan, Do you need to update this in AD as well as SPO? AD has synced manager attribute to Exchange but not to SPO.