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I'm hoping that someone will tell me that I'm doing something wrong. 


I've create a site column "Complete". This column is a Yes/No column with the default value set to No.


Then I'm creating two content types. 

"Parent Doc" and "Child Doc" 


Parent Doc has as the parent content type Document. 

Child Doc has as the parent content type Parent Document. 



I'm adding the Complete column to the Parent Doc content type.


When I upload a document I'm finding the Complete column set to "No". So that is all as expected.


Now I change the default value of my Complete column to "Yes".


I'm uploading a document with the Parent Doc content type. And my default value is still used as Complete is set to "Yes". So far so good.


But when I upload a document using the Child Doc content type I'm finding that the default value is set to "No". 


So it looks like when default values are set on a site column inheriting content types do not pick up this change. 



Note: When I updated the default value I did select the "Update all list columns based on this site column".








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Hi Pieter,


Are you using a centralized content type hub or making changes in one specific site collection only?




Hi @Jasjit Chopra,

I'm not using a content type hub. Just plain site collection site columns and content types.

In this case what you are seeing is expected behavior.


"Update all list columns based on this site column" <-- This will synchronise if the content type is coming form the hub. I know this is very frustating and confusing for some. So the child content type will keep the default values for your column at the point in time it actually was created and when it inherited.


Hope this helps !

The only way to bypass this is the use of Contenttypes and use of sharedFields..

That would be right, then removing the column from the site content types and re-adding the column to the parent content types should set the value of the default correctly. But unfortunately it doesn't. 

@Deleted, I'm using site content types and site columns.

Unfortunately that is also expected behavior - you have clean the column types and associations completely for the "re-inherit" to work properly.


If you want more clarity try using the codeplex object explorer in case this is an on-prem setup. This will help you analyse the residual columns that remain if you break and re-inherit content type without a content hub sync in place.


Note: Don't get the idea that content type hub sync will solve all these issues as well. Some scenarios render these column as orphans and in futre become possible cause of sync issues. MS does provide an easy interface for each site collection to check all the sync issues if you have it turned on.

But still you could use documentsets which inherit. But i know you don't want docset then it is going to be hard i guess

@Jasjit Chopra, I think you are right i saying that this is how it works, hoever I can't see that this is correect behaviour. I've created a new field all together after I attempted to clear our all inheritence of the field.