decoupling Search 👀 Query Builder from WebPart Properties and running it with JavaScript

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I spent some time googling around .. no luck



Am building me own flavor of the Content Search WebPart, it performs REST Searches [✔], transforms the results [✔], and displays everything in an Angular SPA [✔]

(I am steering away from DisplayTemplates, which are a pain to build and maintain)

I now want to present the user with a nice QueryBuilder [?]

would like to use SharePoints own Search Query Builder without using the WebPart Properties UI



The (REST) Search Query Builder


Can be started with:

    "...[path to aspx page]..",

Once the Page is in Edit-Mode AND the WebProperties pane is opened.

It is clear that some javascripts need to load in order to load the global Search object.



Before I start hunting down which JS files are required, and figuring out what the parameters do

Has any one done this yet?

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