Debugging PowerShell


I'm trying to debug PnP powershell Cmdlets like I've described here:


I now found that this works fine on my laptop. On my desktop using the same configuration it doesn't work. 


Where on my laptop, I'm getting the diagnostic tools appear on my desktop this doesn't appear. 

Also on my desktop I'm getting the "Preparing modules for first use" message appearing for quite a while. So it looks like something is timeing out.


Both laptop and desktop are on the same network and have the same firewall settings, use the same version of Visual Studio (Enterprise 2015 Update 3).


So it looks like it is something on my desktop that is wrong.


Then I tried on my desktop to use the PowerShell Interactive Window to debug my PowerShell commands and now my debugger does kick in.


So what is the difference between PowerShell/PowerShell ISE and Powershell Interactive Window? Why does PIW work? 

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