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Hello All,


I have a query about the datetime shown in SharePoint - has anyone else noticed this?


When using a date picker (DateOnly Display Format but DateTime FieldTypeKind) in a listitem in SharePoint 2016, the value of the datetime when querying the listitem with PowerShell shows the datetime value as an hour before the selected date in SharePoint 2016.


For example, when 05-06-2019 is selected in the date picker in a web browser the date returned in PowerShell shows 04-06-2019 23:00 rather than 05-06-2019 00:00.


We have raised a support call with Microsoft however progress is very slow so just wondered if anyone else has noticed the issue?


If anyone is interested a script can be provided to reproduce the issue.

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Usually date and time issues like you mentioned happens if regional settings of site is not as expected. Please review regional setting of the site and set it based on your region and see if you still see the issue.



@Rahul Suryawanshi 

Hi Rahul,


Thank you for your response. The regional settings of the site are as expected.


Please refer to the screenshot below: