Daily calendar summary for group/list "Status Board"

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Using an on-premises Exchange server, we used to have an ASP application that created a web page for each/some of our internal organizations (or "groups"); The pages displayed a list of the group's members and next to each member a terse summary of the member's calendar items for the current day. We referred to this as a "Status Board". Each group's main office would have a large monitor on the wall displaying the Status Board for their group, giving an visual representation of each member's availability on the current day.

We've recently switched to M365, and so I'm told that the API's that existed in the local Exchange instance aren't available when in the Cloud. Is this true, and how could I go about building (or buying) this functionality?

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Hi All,
So I've done some research, and it seems that Microsoft Graph is the new API that fills the void of the lost local APIs from MS Exchange, when an org gets migrated into the Cloud. Is this correct?