Customization which can break O365 updates

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Hi Guys,


So my client has strictly forbidden to do any customization in SharePoint online 0365 due to the reason that future upgrades won't break. Can any one guide me what type of customizations are allowed in O365 which won't break future upgrades?



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There are examples in the Office Dev / PnP GitHub Repository of what you can customize. There is a very good explanation by Vesa Juvenon on what you can customize.
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The easiest answer on your question is probably something down the line of "What you can do within the browser is unlikely break with the next update".


General rules used:

1. No custom master pages (the new look doesn't use these)

2. Custom branding do you really need it? The theming like solutions are qutrie often a more relaiable option.


In the past we used to inject javascript etc and this broke with recent updates as site custom action are on the way out.


So even if you say we don't want things to break I would recommend to go down the development route!


If you look at the app model ( an interface that talks to SharePoint but isn't SharePoint) then you are at quite a low risk.


+1 to Pieter comments...very well said!