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Is it possible to edit / create an alternate quick links webpart based on the existing code? I want to keep the customization options of the default quick links webpart however just rearrange some of the elements and make the logo bigger etc. Is this possible? I've looked into making custom web parts however would be a lot easier if I could just use the default one and make some changes to that / copy the code out and then create a custom version. 


Also I assume if I were to add custom CSS, it would affect the sharepoint default web parts too?

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@Rhys Williams There is no way to edit the out of the box quick links. Also if you try to override it with CSS, just understand it's not supported and the class names used change frequently.

If you want to customize links, but you don't want to start from scratch.... check out this GitHub solution .  There are a few "quick link"- ish web parts. They have a bit more functionality, for example you can make them list driven, you can apply permissions to links, etc...