Custom Lists get duplicated and distorted after add-in update

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We have a SharePoint add-in with a page consisting of several custom lists. The add-in works correctly if installed from scratch, you can add information to the various lists, and work with it for days/weeks with no issues. The problem is that once you update the add-in, all the custom lists get duplicated and the formatting of the lists gets distorted. So after you update the add-in, all the data that was entered in those lists previously becomes unusable.

We've tried using ReplaceContent = TRUE to avoid duplication on update, and we also followed everything in this guide: with no success.


We're always running the app on SharePoint Online, updating the .app can take place through appcatalog or the Office store with same results.

I would really appreciate any ideas or direction on this.




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Seems the problem is in the add in do you check if the list already exists in the app?