Custom Edit Form WebParts, How to Prevent Overlapping Saves

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I'm working on building a custom form webpart that will be basis for all of our custom forms going forward. A single webpart to handle New, Display, and Edit. This will facilitate our migration from JSLink/JSOM overrides that we currently have in place. I've been searching for a few days and I can't see any conversations about preventing overlapping saves. This was an OTB feature that just worked. I'm using PnP ListItem update to post item updates.


list.items.getById().update (


As far as I can tell, there is no detection or error returned that allows me to address overlapping saves.


How would I implement a feature that prevents overlapping saves in my edit form using SPFx/PnP?

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I realized immediately after posting this that I could do a Modified Date/Time comparison but that would require an additional query just before saving. Is it that simple or is there some other SP method that I'm unaware of?
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