Custom Buttons in Flow, Creating Tasks and Flow History

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we have a scenario as below:

1. Users submit a Change Request. IT receives an email for review. There should be 3 options: Approve, Reject and More Information required.

2. If More Information Required is selected it should send an email back to the Item Creator. More details are entered bye the Item Creator the form is resubmitted.

4. If approved Flow procedes further.

5. If rejected Flow ends.


I am using Start an Approval action but I don;t see any option to add custom buttons so I am unabel to add "More Information required" button.


If I use send an email with options action there is a provision to add custom buttons but when Reviewers select any button (Approve, reject, more infor required) in the Email there is no provsion to enter commnets. So if the item is rejected there is no way to enter the comments why the item is rejected. Same as with the More Info required button, no option to enter what sort of additional details required.


Also I have read in some articles that Flow History is stored for 90 days only. We need to maintain it for a longer period. So my question is: Is it better to create Custom Tasks in Flow where I can easily have custom buttons on task forms. There will be another Flow running for the tasks list which updates the Change Request List (CR Status etc) and controls the Flow of the Change Request List. For ex. in the aboev scenario, if "more information required" button is clicked in the task form by the Reviewers, the Tasks Flow updates the Status of the CR in the Change Request list, and the Change Request Flow will conitnue further based on the response from the Reviewer.


This way I can have custom buttons and also the tasks history can be stored for a longer period as all the tasks are stored in a custom list.


Is there any better solution avaiable in such scenarios?



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