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So Guys,

We know that custom actions are not supported by the new modren document library experience. I just need to fire a workflow in SharePoint Online using that action. Should i go for custom actions or not as they are only availale in classic exprience and may not be available in the future?

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For now don't implement them or only implement them if you stay with classic upcoming period.

Why do you say custom actions are not supported? They are...even I agree with Paul that it's better to way untill all the new stuff coming to SPO is ready

Custom Actions are supported, but not all kinds of Custom Actions. For instance you cannot use ScriptLinks, today.

The issue is that projects have deadlines to meet and the new document library experience not supporting scriptlinks is affecting these deadlines. I wish Microsoft would stop issuing half finished 'new' features as it makes project teams look bad because they have to find ways around the missing features and turns users off SharePoint.

So is it correct that custom actions (from SPD) on lists WILL be supported IN THE FUTURE on Modern Lists. It's just that today, they're not supported.


That's too bad but I guess we'll have to wait for revert to the classic view.