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I have a sharepoint online list (Office 365).  Open the list and there are three fields that are setup as currency.  I have read other posts that suggest that currency should automatically align to the right.  Unfortunately, my currency fields all left align which makes is difficult to read.  How can I make them align to the right?

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You can try adding CSS to right align the currency field in list view. 

Here's an example


I very well could be wrong, but I think these instructions are for when the SharePoint list is displayed as part of a web page (Site Contents-->Site Pages).  I am trying to format the actual list (Site Contents-->ListName) using the modern experience.  I do see something about JSON in the Site Contents-->ListName-->List Settings-->ColumnName but I do not know what to do there either.

Did you try this to embed code to change style on currency element in modern view?


Again, I think we are talking about two different things.  AFAIK, you can only have a web part on a web page.....not on the list itself.