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Does anyone ever develop time-sheet's actual work of a resource pro-grammatically using CSOM? I'm currently trying to fix the issue that I had with the code that I wrote. It is basically very similar to this post right here: https://sharepoint.stackexchange.com/questions/184944/add-resource-assignment-work-by-day 


I'm having issue when entering an actual work on the next day of the time-phase. I was able to entered in the time at the first insertion to actual work. For instance,


I expect: 

                                            06/12/2018            06/13/2018

Resource A Actual Work             5h                          3h


What I got:

                                            06/12/2018            06/13/2018

Resource A Actual Work             8h                         


The 3h supposed to be on 06/13/2018 was somehow added to the 06/12/2018. I have set the timephase to set and write it to 06/13/2018. In fact, when I debug my code line by line to see what date it was reading, it is actually reading from the correct date 06/13/2018 and has a 0 hr, then I set that timephase to 3hr, and reprint the actual work after setting it, and looks correct 3hr. But on the Timesheet UI, it is showing as the above result. (it seems it puts 3hr to the 5hr on 06/12/2018), which is strange. 


Any helps/explanation is appreciated. Thanks - HC

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