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I'm currently developing a Project Online client application using CSOM.

When i'm requesting the Task Assignments i'm receiving the following error with some projects:


The value for column 'WASSN_ACTUALS_PENDING' in table 'Assignments' is DBNull.


I've already checked out and published the project but it doesn't help.


Any suggestions how to solve this?

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Currently i'm trying to get in contact with Microsoft, but it is very hard to get in contact with someone who has technical knowledge.


In the attachment some example code, with the Exception from Project Online.


Any help is appreciated.

I am also suffering from this same error.  Be keen to here any solutions you may have come up with?

This weekend I received a fix from Microsoft.

A Full Publish will solve the problem, a full publish can be executed from Project Professional Pro. 


After you open the project:

- In the ribbon 'View', click on the arrow below 'Macros' and select Visual Basic

- Double click on 'This project' in the navigation tree

- Copy paste this:


Sub FullPublish()
Publish Republish:=True
End Sub


- Press the play button (F5)


This solved my problem.

unfortunately has not solved mine.  Oh well might have to raise an issue with Microsoft.

Ok... further to this. Wrote a small application that allowed me to track down EXACTLY which assignments were causing these issues (we had quite a few) and then by progressively altering data associated with the assignment and Task in Project and then RE-PUBLISHING were able to finally correct the DBNULL issue in the WASSN_ACTUALS_PENDING

NOTE: all the affected Assignments were 100% complete and it is suspected that this combined with some sort of data was preventing them from being part of the full publish? This is a supposition only but a successful one for us. The initial cause of the issue is NOT known at this time.

Hope this helps someone.