Cross-domain request in SPFx

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How can I make a cross-domain request in a Client Side Web Part built with the SharePoint Framework? My need is to access SharePoint 2016 data from a SharePoint 2016 site in another domain (same credentials).


I found a crossDomainWeb method in the documentation for the add-in model, but nothing for SPFx.

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@Christophe Humbert SharePoint 2016 doesn't provide an easy way to configure CORS to allow for cross-domain calls. Easiest way in my experience is to create a custom Web API to perform and expose the SharePoint operations required and host it in the domain where your SPFx components reside. 


@Christophe Humbert 

You can use the Dev PnP JS library in SPFx to make cross-site collection calls. 
The setup is very straight forward and will help you with other complex REST API calls as well.