Creating an search page with add-in web part for criteria and search result wed part for display

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I want create an search page with system result web part and one add-in web part that is used to input search criteria.  When search button in the -add-in is clicked, the searching result is shown in the result web part in the same page.

Let me do this kind function by all system web parts. I put system search box and search result web parts in a site page. It works fine. And I noticed the search query was passed by parent window URL. Now I replace the search box with my add-in part for advanced criteria. My add-in and system web part are in different sub-domain. Accessing parent URL from iFrame in different sub-domain is not straightforward. How to update the add-in parent URL to pass the query to search result?  Thanks for reading and answering my question. Runner 288.

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