CreateMigrationJob api not working with ProvisionedMigrationContainers and ProvisionedMigrationQueue

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Hello all,

Currently I'm facing the problem when I'm using the ProvisionedMigrationContainersInfocontainer uri for Data, the ProvisionedMigrationContainersInfocontainer uri for MetaData and the ProvisionedMigrationQueueInfo uri for Queue to run the api as below

ctx.Site.CreateMigrationJob(webId, importDataContUriStr, importMetaDataContUriStr, importQueueUriStr);

But I got the error



As I know, the Uri generated by ProvisionedMigrationContainersInfocontainer is not enough permission. It's missing List permission that is required for this api. And the Uri generated by ProvisionedMigrationQueueInfo is also not enough permission. It's missing SharedAccessQueuePermissions.Update permission.

Uri for Data:

Uri for MetaData:

Uri for queue:

Ex: sp=rw (Read and Write), should be sp=rwl
Ex: sp=rap (Read,Add and Process), should be sp=rau


But I could not try to gen another SAS uri token to change the permission

Question: is it possible to make this api works with ProvisionedMigrationContainers and ProvisionedMigrationQueue ? Or possible to gen another SAS uri token from ProvisionedMigrationContainersInfocontainer and ProvisionedMigrationQueueInfo


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