Create Sharepoint group to restrict list items to group

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I am using sharepoint online and I want to create Sharepoint groups , following groups






in my List I have column which have values (Finance, IT, Infrastructure)

when user access my page I want Finance user only can see list items which having column values "Finance", IT group user only can see list itesm which having column values "IT"  like that.

can anyone help how to achieve this?


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Yes, you can provide permission to a group on item level. To achieve this please follow the below steps :

Go to your list, Select item.
Click on Items from the top ribbon.
Click on Shared With. From the popup, Click on Advanced.
From the Top Ribbon, Click on Stop the inheritance.
Then click to Grant Permission to provide a unique permission to specific group/user.
Provide the User/Group name and select Permission Level by clicking on Show Options.
Click on Share.
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Thanks for reply, but this look like I need to do it for each item of the list manually.

what I want, In my List item i Have column say GroupName and I want to use that Column to display List items for users which have same groupName.


example, If my sharepoint groupname is IT, i can see only all list Items with column groupname have value "IT" and I dont want to update each list item to map with groupname manually.


is this possible?