Create new custom form of SPList using HTML controls, css, JS

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I wanted to create a completely custom form from my SPOList forms.

I have a customer list, which has newform, dispform,editformby default.

Here,I would like to create a completely custom new form using html controls and, css, javascript .

where will i start and any steps by step procedure to create this?

i  created a new form from sp designer and saved. but i am unable to delete the contents of this newcustomform and unable to refer any js ,css files.

any articles,source code. appreciated!


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It sounds like you need the Sharepoint Framework. There are lots of tutorials online. 


Otherwise you might check out PowerApps, which are pretty flexible, but don't allow you to do javascript. 



@Courtney Prothero currently i am newbie in SPFx. and  we dont have any environment to get the privileges to deploy the elements into the site.

If i use PowerApps , how to perform the validation, show/hide and send emails to a groups of person, etc ... 

PowerApps allows you to set rules that can handle validation, as well as conditional displays of fields, etc. In order to send emails, I would probably bring Flow into the mix. So your PowerApp would add a new record to a list, and there would be a Flow set to run any time a new record is added to send the email notifications.