create custom column in each list and update through workflow status

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I want to create one custom column in each list and update it through workflow, can anyone guide on this.





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Try to use PowerAutomate with Http triggers for SharePoint to create columns and to update.

@rautchetan How many lists do you have? What's the requirement? Do you want to add the column to all the lists/libraries in the site? Where do you want to update the column from? What do you mean update through workflow status? 


HI, I am able to create List and I want to filter list with using current user filter webpart, but I am not able to see that option, I am using free version of Office online , please see screenshot.


Sharepoint online trail version dont have option for Current user filter web part?




@rautchetan you've asked this in more than one place so I've answered it on the other thread at There isn't a current user filter web part in the modern SharePoint experience.


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