Create .aspx pages from list items

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I need to create 200+ pages that can be tagged with metadata. I can get an excel file containing information such as title, abstract, author, etc.. Is there any way programmatically to built out pages based on list item data?

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Not sure if I'm understanding properly what you want to achieve, but you can create programmatically SPO pages and also read list data, so I think your scenario should be technically feasible
We are on prem if that makes a difference. I have an excel file containing data I would like to use in publishing pages. I was going to import the excel data into a list.
I then want to target the list data and use it to create a page for each list item.
So instead of creating a new page for each row of data i would like to create something that would automate that process. If someone creates a new item in the list a page would be created in that site.