Create a New or Edit Form on List with over 5000 items in SharePoint Designer for SharePoint online

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We are facing issue with creation of new or edit form in SP designer for SharePoint Online list where list view threshold reached 5000 items. List contains more than 5000 items and when we try to create new form in list its throwing an error for threshold limit reached. We have created filter on list default view but still its not allowing us to create new form.



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Hi @Sameer Salunke


You might want to have a look through  @Marc Anderson's series of articles about the 5000 item limit. He wrote 7 posts about this, below is one of the articles:


You will find the links to the other posts in the above post.


Are you trying to create a customized Newform for the list in SharePiint Designer it are you trying to add a new item to the list? What version of SharePoint?

I am trying to create new form using SharePoint designer. SharePoint Online (2016)

Have you seen the recent announcement about Predictive Indexing?


This is supposed to be eliminating this problem. Is it not working for you?