Create a new Enterprise Keyword via REST API

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I am trying to make a CRUD system for the Enterprise keywords of SharePoint with the REST API. I've managed to change the value of an existing keyword, but I don't know how to create a new keyword by scratch.


This is the POST Url that I use for updating an existing keyword with a new one:




In the body I specify the new values of the keyword. As you can see I access to the TaxonomyHiddenList because is more easy to work with.

When I create a new tag manually, it will appear on this list





                "__metadata": {
                    "id": "b7d2be55-ced0-44fb-af44-5754f7156cec",
                    "uri": "'d4d5c300-331f-4077-b59c-f0fd60e04a5e')/Items(21)",
                    "etag": "\"1\"",
                    "type": "SP.Data.TaxonomyHiddenListListItem"
                "IdForTerm": "dc5e5716-5f14-41dd-b500-339a4b1acd1d",
                "Term": "YesTAG"


So, is there any way to create a new Keyword without typing it manually?


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