Copy document with metadata to other doclib in same site results in metadata not copied

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I have a doclib with +10.000 items which i want to divide over different doclibs in same site.

New doclibs are created and metadatafields are added so that dest_doclib is same as orig_doclib.


However, when i copy items from orig_doclib to dest_doclib, metadata is not copied.


any ideas why i loose the metadata?



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Are you coping documents manually? If yes, it will not copy metadata associated with it. You will need to use SharePoint content migration tools like Metalogix or ShareGate which helps to copy data from one location to other location with its associated metadata.

@Rahul Suryawanshi 


In this case we are using SP Online with modern view. I use the built-in feature to copy documents from one doclib to another in the same site.


Metadata is not copied for this specific library which really should be possible, here is why:

- i created a new 'doclib' (A) with metadata just like the original doclib

- added a document to it

- changed metadata

- created a 'doclib' template from this new doclib

- Then i created a new 'doclib' (B) using this template (so both doclib has same metadatafields)

- Finally i copied a document from 'doclib' (A) to 'doclib' (B)

==> Document is copies, INCLUDING metadata


so it realy should work.