Configuring PnP samples to work for SharePoint Online

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Hi everyone,


I'm having issues running this sample ( on my SharePoint Online tenant.

I've cloned the latest from Git, and ran it as is and I'm getting errors. I'm assuming more configuration is involved but I'm at a lost at this part.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Hi Mark,


do you want to integrate it in your Environment or is it a script you want to run once i would recommend to take a look at the PNP core

this also has a xml option to set the alternatecss and logo.





Can you share the error message you receive?


I did the same this morning (clone - run). The only error I ran into at first was related to the language of the site I was deploying the app into. The app wasn't able to find my "Site Assets" library but that was easy to explain because I was targeting a dutch site (in which it is called "Siteactiva"). After creating an English site everything worked fine.



HI @Mark Andrada,


The code was last updated quite a while back. A lot has changed since then in the Office 365 world. 


This example should probably be marked as obsolete. As suggested by @Deleted, PnP Core is the better option.



I think my error might be related to the fact that I'm logging in to a tenant other than my organizational one. When I'm prompted for my credentials, I input in the one for the other tenant. When I'm redirected to the localhost side, this is when I get the forbidden error.

Thanks Paul.

I will try this then.