Configuring Flows in SPFx

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I am creating a Template Sharepoint Online Website that has Flows configured in power Automate. Eventually, the website will be created/cloned as new websites. It seems for each new website I need to reconfigure the Flows as Export and Import them.

My question is :

1- How can I Save a Website as template via SPFx ( Visual Studio )?
2- Is it possible to configure the flows in SPFx  ( Visual Studio ) within the website template and eventually for each new created website the Flows will be automatically configured no need to export/import them ?

I hope my question is clear . If you need further information please do not hesitate to request it.
Thank you.


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My two cents here:
1. Currently there is not such a way...remember that save as template Today means to create a PnP template
2. Same answer as previous one..Today the story of automating Flow deployment is not a good one