Conditional Formula on Choice Fields (single select) Not working

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  I have a Modern SharePoint list, using conditional formulas on several text fields that evaluate properly, however, when I use conditional formulas on ANY choice column, they do not evaluate at all.


In my instance, I am attempting to show a Choice field, based on the selected value of another Choice field.


All choice fields are single select only (dropdown), with no spaces in field names, and only single word choices. I copied the example directly from which works on Text field types.


My Choice field names are:


  Values: Access, Modification, Internal, Other


   Values: Client1, Client2


Conditional Formula Applied to Client field: =if([$RequestType] =='Access', 'true', 'false')


I also tried to show a Text field "RequestName" based on the value of $RequestType == 'Access' and that isn't working either.


I have a feeling I am adding or omitting something, however, I haven't figured that part out - hence, I am here.


Thanks for all feedback.

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@JMurphyHC I don't see any issue with the conditional formula you are using.


Also, we need to use the internal name of columns to reference them in conditional formulas. So, can you please check if you are using correct internal name of your RequestType column?


You can find the internal name of your column like mentioned here: Find the internal name of SharePoint column 

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@ganeshanap, That was exactly the issue. I did previously rename the columns that were not properly evaluating. I created a new Choice field, and the same formula worked. I did not previously have the link you provided, thank you.
Thank you! I had this exact issue and this solved it.

@Jesse_Ringel You're welcome! I am glad my solution worked for you.

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