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I'd like to apply conditional formatting to an auto calculated column that needs to display the value as a %.  I'd like to highlight values >= 75% and <90% as yellow and values >=90% as red.  I'm unfamiliar with JSON and am unable to get the syntax correct.  I can get it to highlight the cells correctly but it displays the values as a decimal number and not a %.

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@Walterwhamil72 this can be done as follows. In your calculated column use the following formula:




 The formatting of the column is then like this:


  "$schema": "",
  "elmType": "div",
  "txtContent": "=[$Percent]*100 + '%'",
  "style": {
    "color": "=if([$Percent] >= 0.75 , '#ffffff', '#525252'",
    "background-color": "= if(([$Percent] >= 0.75 && [$Percent] < 0.90 , '#eebf2d', if(([$Percent] > 0.90, '#730000'), '#ffffff'"


which gives the following result:

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@RobElliott Thanks for the guidance.  I followed your instructions but the column is now blank.  The column names I need in the calculation are:


Cumulative Invoiced/Total Value


The formula I'm using looks like this:



 My JSON looks like this:


 The Burn Rate column looks like this now:



@Walterwhamil72 the reason it's not working is that in your JSON you've used my column which is called Percent. You've got to use your burn rate column name - as you've got a space in the name check what SharePoint has called it internally in List settings, select the column and check what is after field= in the address bar.


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@RobElliott Everything is working correctly.  Thanks for your assistance.