Communication Site not visible under Admin Portal



After creating the new Communication Site, I found out it's listed under admin portal page:



Do we have a different listing for that?




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It's listed or it's not listed? I can confirm I cannot see any communication site I have created in the SPO Admin Center so it seems Communication sites are following the same pattern we now for Modern Team Sites or Office 365 Video Channels: Site Collections are hiddeen in the SPO Admin Center and the way to discover then is by means of PowerShell...something that will change in the future AFAIK

What's the point/benefit of hiding it from SPO Admin Center Site collection list?

I am unable to find some site collections under admin page.




I have global admin access even thoung some site collections not able to find.


How i can add myself as a site collection admin which i dont have access?


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Venkatesh Rajan


You can achieve this through using PowerShell - check the 


Also I believe the new Central Admin for SharePoint shows Communication sites and other O365 Group-based sites - its currently in beta/early release, and I think the full release is imminent





Or you can just simply use the new Admin Center (still in preview) to see an manage all your sites: classic, modern and communication sites